If you have been thinking about dating younger men but are worried about how it may affect your life, we’ve got some news for you. In this article, we will lay bare the most important pros and cons of dating a younger guy. That should help you decide what to do next.

One of the biggest advantages of dating a younger guy is the amount of sex you can have. Unlike women, men peak early and are most virile and insatiable in their younger years. They have more energy and stamina and thus can keep up with you for a lot longer than men of your age. So, if you think a lot of sex is important for you, date younger guys.

Younger men have less baggage. Since the new generation is more likely to hook up than get into relationships, younger men won’t have relationship hangups. Because of this lightness, they are able to give more of themselves to the right woman.

Younger men tend to have crazy lifestyles. If you love to party hard till late, get a younger guy. He can easily stay up and dance till 2 PM than older men.

 But it is not all rosy. Younger men tend to be too scared of commitment. They are fun to hang around, but he won’t be with you for long. Plus, you will always have to worry about him leaving you for a younger girl. There is also a generation gap to consider. You both may have big differences in your likes and dislikes, the movies and even the music. While these differences look small in the beginning, they can easily turn into big fights later on.

Dating younger men can be fun. But be aware of the problems that come with hooking up with boys.