Going out on a date with an older woman could be daunting at first. But soon, you will discover they are a lot of fun. But where to take them on the first date?

 Due to the age gap, your taste in music or movies may not match. So, it is best to keep the first date as simple as possible. In this article, we will suggest three easy and inexpensive ideas for your first date.

  1. Coffee date

A coffee date may sound like a cliché, but older women love it because it is cheap and provides a safe place to engage in a conversation. And if you want to make it a bit more fun, choose a café which has a pool table. If talking is slow, invite her for a game of pool. This will help you both show your fun side.

  1. A Street fair

Street fairs are another great idea for a date. It is easy to keep moving around and building a conversation. It will also help you discover each other’s likes and dislikes fairly quickly. Music helps lift the mood and a street fair is bound to have good food, all at a better price than an upscale pub.

  1. Visit a winery.

Sitting in a bar and drinking is too boring. Instead, book a visit to a winery. It will feel like an out-of-town experience and wine helps to loosen the inhibitions. But the 2-4-hour trip will also help you discover how your date behaves when she is out of town. You can even make a picnic out of it if you choose the right place.

These simple yet inexpensive ideas could help show your fun side to your date. Remember to ask about her preferences before you make a plan. It is not fun to take a teetotaller on a winery tour.